Microsoft launches supported 5G IoT Makerspace at Hong Kong …

Microsoft launches supported 5G IoT Makerspace at Hong Kong Cyberport

Integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) experience area with the maker workspace to inspire and promote Hong Kong entrepreneurial teams to use HKT’s 5G network and Microsoft’s technology to explore and test their IoT solutions. With the help of the Hong Kong Cyberport’s start-up community and HKT’s true 5G services, Microsoft 5G IoT Makerspace will also provide seminars and expert advice to improve the skills of start-ups, test their solutions and provide listing support to commercialize their solutions.

According to research conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute, the growth of the Internet of Things and related data in the next ten years will have the greatest economic impact on the US’s $11 trillion per year, equivalent to 11% of the world’s total economy. As Hong Kong and the world enter the 5G era, this will become a key foundation for the continued growth of smart devices. It is estimated that there will be 20 billion connected devices by 2020. The Internet of Things is the gateway to business transformation and will create huge business opportunities for the company.

In the next ten years, almost every consumer gadget, every household appliance and every industrial device will be connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things can help us improve our daily lives. The company will have the opportunity to reimagine everything, and by providing new products, providing a new customer experience, fundamentally transform the business, and differentiate itself from competitors through new business models. “Microsoft Hong Kong National Technology Officer Fred Sheu said. “We hope to see 5G accelerate this new wave of computing by supporting the proliferation of the Internet of Things and edge devices. We will see the comprehensive advantages of the two major industries, cloud and mobile, and will take security as the core of the Microsoft IoT platform to achieve smart advantages. ”

One of Cyberport’s goals is to enhance competitiveness by promoting cooperation between start-ups and well-known technology companies and establishing synergy between the two parties. The establishment of Microsoft’s 5G IoT Makerspace is a good example. It demonstrates how the main tenants of Cyberport can unleash the potential of our start-ups through technical support and help them seize the opportunities of 5G and IoT,” Hong CEO Peter Yan said. Cyberport. “We look forward to seeing more Cyberport start-ups use Microsoft’s most advanced technology to develop innovative 5G solutions and showcase them on Makerspace. ”

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